Takahashi Adapter for Astro-Physics Quick Release Bases (QRBATAK-A)

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We have designed this Takahashi Adapter to allow our Guider and Finder Brackets to be used with Takahashi and other brands of telescopes that require flat surface attachment, as well as with custom applications.  The adapter can also be mounted to almost any brand of universal dovetail plate (or flat surface), allowing our Guider and Finder Brackets to be quickly removed / installed when transporting.  Please reference the hole-pattern diagram when choosing this adapter. 

Once the adapter has been secured to your Takahashi scope or other flat surface, the following Quick Release Bases can be attached to the top of the contoured base: 

  • Base for Quick Release Guider Bracket (QRBASEG)
  • Base for Quick Release Finder Brackets (QRBASEM)
  • Base for Quick Release Finder Bracket - previous models that you may already own.


Photo shows the older QRBATAK and Guider Bracket mounted on a Takahashi FSQ-ED for reference. Note: The QRBATAK is shown as silver for easy identification. It and the newer QRBATAK-A are annodized black as a finished product.

Use with Guider Bracket
Owners of Takahashi refractors (yes, this includes the FSQ) can now create their perfect imaging / guiding system…compact and precise!  For guiding, order the QRBATAK-A with the following items:

QRBASEG - purchase individually if you already own the S1060QRGB bracket 

10x60 Vario-Finder with Quick Release Guider Bracket Kit (1060VGKIT) - includes the QRBASEG, S1060QRGB guider bracket, 10x60 Vario-Finder, and two T-2 extensions (15mm and 40mm).

Although the QRBATAK-A can also be mounted to dovetail plates, we don’t recommend this option for critical guiding.  Instead, we recommend attaching the QRBATAK-A directly to the imaging scope rather than an accessory plate, whenever possible.

Please click this link for a clearance diagram.

Use with Finder Bracket
The QRBATAK-A will also allow you to use any Astro-Physics finder bracket (past or present) that utilizes the QRBASE, QRBASES QRBASES-A, or QRBASES adapters. When ordering, choose from the following:

QRBASEM - if you don’t already have one. These bases are not included with the items below.
QRBASEG - can also be used with the finder brackets, though for most applications, it is larger than necessary.


1060VQ - 10x60 Vario-Finder with 10x60 Quick Release Bracket
S1060QRM - 10x60 Quick Release Finder Bracket, use with your own finder