10x60 Quick Release Finder Bracket. Needs QRBASE, QRBASES, QRBASED or QRBASEM (S1060QRM)

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This stylish quick release finder bracket was developed by Astro-Physics specifically for the 10 x 60 Baader Planetarium Vario-Finder to provide a rigid, yet light-weight, mounting system. However, it can be used with any finder that has a body length of at least 3 ¼" (83mm) and a diameter of between 2 3/8" (60 mm) and 2 5/8" (67 mm), allowing it to fit into this bracket with enough room left over for adjustment. This versatile bracket can be mounted in several ways:

  • Attach to a Base for Quick Release Finder Bracket (QRBASEM or QRBASEG) mounted to the predrilled holes on your AP refractor
  • Attach to the Losmandy D Series Dovetail adapter(LMDVA) on the12" Dovetail for Losmandy D Series Style plates (SBD12) or any Losmandy D Series plate

The bracket assembly includes the bracket ring, alignment screws, and male dovetail base.

This assembly, with your finderscope, slips into the groove of the base and tightens quickly with two thumbscrews. Now you are ready to go. There are no mounting screws to get lost in the grass or snow and your fingers won't freeze as you struggle with tools. This accessory is a must!

You may want to consider purchasing extra bases that you can mount permanently on your other telescopes. This will allow you to use the same bracket and finder interchangeably. Now you can attach and detach your finder in seconds while retaining the alignment.


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