10 x 60 Quick Release Guider Bracket. Needs QRBASEG also shown in photo. (S1060QRGB)

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If you already own the Baader 10 x 60 Vario- Finder (1060VQ), or a similar size guidescope, then this Guider Bracket will be perfect for improving your autoguiding technique.  It is lightweight, yet provides a flexure-free mounting configuration that removes the problem of flexure in your guide scope’s focuser. The bracket is shown with the QRBASEG, purchased separately.

The Guider Bracket can also be used with any guidescope that has a body length of at least 3 1/4"  (83 mm) and a diameter between 2 1/4" (60 mm) and 2 5/8" (67 mm), allowing room for adjustability.

The Base for Quick Release Guider Bracket (QRBASEG), shown with the bracket, is the recommended attachment method so that guiding will follow your scope’s movement, not that of the scope’s rings and mounting plate.  However, the dovetail base-rail has ¼"-20 tapped holes for attaching to our 7" and 10" Sliding Bars (SB0800 and SB1000), our 15" Sliding Bar (SB1500), a Losmandy Adapter (LMDVA), or to many D-style and Vixen-style universal dovetail plates should these mounting methods be necessary. See this link for the attachment hole pattern.

Please click this link for a clearance diagram.

Additional accessories needed may include a 40 mm T-2 Extension Tube (BP25B) and/or a 15 mm T-2 Extension Tube (BP25A), depending on the guidescope and camera you use.


Weight: 9.9 oz. (.28 kg)