TeleVue Starbeam Reflex Finder with Flip Mirror (STARFMD)

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Starbeam's unique flip mirror provides comfort and flexibility for viewing at any angle - from straight-through to 90 degrees. The mirror can be flipped into a more comfortable position when viewing with your telescope pointed high. The 39mm aperture lens features natural sky background with a superimposed red pointing "star." This "red-star" feature, because of its size, color, and adjustable brightness, makes it easy to spot against any variety of ambient background light.

The Starbeam is custom machined from aluminum and black anodized, even down to the thumb screws! Alignment is accomplished without tools. Also included (exclusively when purchased from Astro-Physics) is the Male Dovetail Base(A3251-C) to attach to our refractors via a Quick Release Base (QRBASED) or sliding bars. See this link for Tele Vue Instructions.