12" Dovetail Plate for D-Style Saddle Plates (SBD12)

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This 12" Dovetail Sliding Bar was designed with short instruments in mind. The middle portion of the plate is raised 0.5" above the front and back sections. As a result, the plate is long enough for optimal movement without causing interference with the dewcap or focuser. The plate is ribbed on the opposite side to reduce weight.

Attach directly to the bottom of mounting rings:

  • 130 mm f6.3 StarFire "Gran Turismo", 105 mm Traveler, 130 mm f6 StarFire (original version) - attach directly to Astro-Physics rings. With the Traveler, a spacer bar is preferred to allow more finger room on the focuser, but is not required.
  • 130 mm f8 or f8.3 StarFires, 140 mm f7 StarFire, and 155 mm f7 StarFire or similar instruments - use with Astro-Physics Riser Blocks (SBDAPB) in the outer hole positions. This will space the rings approximately 10" apart. The LMAPBLOCKS rest completely on the sliding bar and do not extend off the side.
  • Instruments that have ¼-20 center holes in the mounting rings.
  • 90 mm f5 Stowaway must be mounted by using the 5.5" sliding bar (SB0550) (discontinued) as a spacer to allow additional clearance for the dewcap.
  • Attach your TeleVue or Takahashi clamshells directly to the SBD12 using M8 socket head screws.

Use with our 10" Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVEDV10), 16" Dovetail Saddle Plate version with 3-clamps (DOVELM162) or other similar saddle plates. The 12" Sliding Bar is too short to be used with our older style 16" plates, the DOVELM16, or DOVELM16S that have only 2 clamps.

Use as an accessory plate:
Attach directly to the top of rings using a single center hole or use Astro-Physics Riser Blocks (SBDAPB) - purchased separately) to attach the 12" Sliding Bar to the top of the mounting rings (assuming that the surface is flat and has the Astro-Physics hole pattern - two 10-32 tapped holes with 3" spacing). Use with the following accessories:

  • Losmandy Dovetail Plate Adapter (LMDVA). This will allow you to attach the following items: Quick Release Finder Bracket for 10x60 finder (S1060QRM), TeleVue Starbeam (STARFMD) and various other accessories.
  • Other adapters with a female D-style series dovetail channel.

Weight: 1.9 lb. (0.86 kg)
Document with hole pattern dimensions

SBD12 Dovetail Plate
Fasteners listed on Mounting Plate Fastener Chart