Astro-Physics Riser Blocks, set of 2 (SBDAPB)

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The Astro-Physics Riser Blocks are used with the 16" Versatile Dovetail Plate (SBD16) and Astro-Physics Mounting Rings that have 2.362" (6.0 cm) or 4.5" (11.4 cm) hole spacing. These blocks are not required for normal use of the SBD16, however are used when you want to raise up one pair of mounting rings in order to use an extra pair of "floating" rings for guidescope attachment. These blocks can also be used in place of LMAPBLOCKS.

These Riser Blocks can also be used to attach the 16" Easy-Balance Dovetail Saddle Plate (DOVELM162) to our older 800 mount.

Two Riser Blocks
Fasteners listed on Mounting Plate Fastener Chart

The Riser Block thickness is 0.5".
Please review the Hole Pattern Chart.
Previous version for reference: Hole Pattern Chart fpr Previous Version of Riser Blocks.