Losmandy Heavy-duty Folding Tripod with Adjustable Legs - 1100 and 900 Mounts (LMFHDT-AP)

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Discontinued: No Longer Available

Historical information:
Please refer to the description below.

 05-31-23 We no longer offer the LMFHDT-AP as an assembled item. We were unable to obtain them on a consistent basis. You may order the Folding Heavy Duty Tripod-No Adapter from the Losmandy.com website and order the 119FSA from us. 

 The following historical information is provided for your reference. 

The Losmandy Folding Heavy-Duty Tripod offers a great value in blending a robust design with a mid-range price.  It is offered custom fitted for our 1100GTO and 900 mount customers only through Astro-Physics or our dealers and includes our 900/1100 Flat Surface Adapter (119FSA). This tripod will hold your visual or imaging system very securely!

The folding legs provide a quick setup and breakdown giving you more observing time and ending those “last person on the field” nights.  There are no parts to lose…just fold and go.

This tripod will fit in the 42” Soft-Sided Carrying Case (C0042) offered on our website.

Height range: 33” to 52” (low for imaging and tall enough for a long refractor). Leveling on uneven ground is a breeze.  

Folded completely down with the legs retracted: a compact 11" x 11" x 36"
Weight. 32.5 lbs. (14.7 kg)

Note:  The tripod may have cosmetic imperfections.

What's Included:
Losmandy Folding Heavy-Duty Tripod made specifically for Astro-Physics
900/1100 Flat Surface Adapter (119FSA)

Shipping Arrangements:
U.S. Orders: The tripod will ship from Losmandy (Hollywood General). The 900/1100 Flat Surface Adapter (119FSA) will be packed into the same box with the fasteners, but will not be assembled onto the tripod. You will have to assemble the adapter upon receipt. This arrangement helps to keep the costs down because the tripod is only shipped once. 

International Orders: The tripod will ship to Astro-Physics and we will ship from here.