Losmandy Light-weight Tripod for Astro-Physics (LMLWT-AP)

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Discontinued: No Longer Available

Historical information:
Please refer to description below.

03-22-23 The Losmandy Light-weight Tripod has been discontinued by Losmandy and is no longer available. You may wish to consider alternative tripod options.

The following historical information is provided for your reference.

Our Losmandy Light-Weight Tripod is made specifically for Astro-Physics and offers a great value by blending a robust design with an economical price. The tripod features a customized AP top plate that fits our Astro-Physics Tripod Adapter (ADATRI).

Recommended mounts: Mach2GTO as well as our previous mounts: Mach1GTO, and all models of the 400 and 600E.  

The folding legs provide a quick setup and breakdown and their adjustability makes leveling on uneven ground a breeze. There are no parts to lose … just fold and go. Consider the Tripod Duffel Bag (C0041) to protect the finish while transporting.

This tripod is the perfect choice when traveling light with your AP mount!

Height range: 26” to 44” (low for imaging and tall enough for a refractor). You can use our Eagle Extensions if you need more height.
Folded completely down with the legs retracted: compact 9" x 9" x 28". 
Wt. 14.0 lb. (6.3 kg)

Note: The tripod may have cosmetic imperfections.

What's Included:
Losmandy Light-Weight Tripod made specifically for Astro-Physics
Tripod Adapter (ADATRI)