Finder Bracket Male Dovetail Base (needs QRBASEM) (A3251-C)

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Our male dovetail base is a versatile accessory - an integral part of our Quick Release Finder Brackets and an essential link for attaching other accessories to our refractors. We include this part in every order of modified Tele Vue Starbeam (STARFMD) finder scope and our Picatinny Male Dovetail Base for Multi-Reticle Reflex Finders (PICQRM). It is used with the Base for the Quick Release Brackets (QRBASEM), shown above, or bolt to one of 7" Dovetail Bars (SBV08 or SB0800).   It can also be used with our previous bases: QRBASE and QRBASES. 

09-20-21 The part changed from A3251-B to A3251-C to add a modification for the Picatinny rail. 

Instructions (note these instructions reference the A3251-B version):
TeleVue StarBeam and QwikPoint with Quick Release Base or Sliding Bars
Hole Pattern Schematic

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